Can BCG Vaccine Save Us From COVID-19?

In the wake of the world find it hard to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and come up with a vaccine for it a new study carried out on the possibilities of finding out a cure for the dreaded virus is giving some hope to the mankind.

A recent study observed that the death rate among the people vaccinated with the BCG, a tuberculosis vaccine that is given to the Indians in their childhood is very low when compared to the other nationals.

The scientists are testing whether the magical BCG Vaccine can boost the immunity system in the fresh positive cases in India. If it turns out to be confirmed people might get relief from the respiratory symptoms.

Though the BCG Vaccine was found in the 1920s it came to India in 1948 as there were more cases of tuberculosis in India back then.

"There is a lot of evidence to suggest that BCG, used to vaccinate against tuberculosis, reduces mortality not just in newborns but a lot of people who have been vaccinated," Ashish Kamat, professor of Urologic Oncology (Surgery) said.
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