COVID-19 Affected The Condom Sales

The Coronavirus has affected all the industries leaving a great loss the companies. Its effect is also seen on the Condoms as the rubber production factories are shutdown.

Malaysia is one of the world's top rubber producers and with the lockdown, the companies are operating only with 50% of their workforce. So, the major source of condoms are also under lockdown as a result the shortage of the condoms is seen globally.

Now the UNO is worried about this, as lockdown made people get to spend more time with their partners than before. The shortage in the condoms lead to an increase in unintended pregnancies which may have dangerous health and social consequences for the women. This will also lead to the rise of unsafe abortions and an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections like HIV.

As the crores of people are confined to their houses, they got a newfound free time than before. So, the shortage of the rubber is an issue to be worried for.

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