COVID-19 positive cases in the US reached 4,00,000

The situation in the US is turning out to be worse as the positive cases of COVID-19 have surpassed 4 lakh in the country which is quite scary. The death toll of the novel virus has reached 12,840 so far ringing the danger bells.

New York and New Jersey cities are the worst-hit cities in the US of novel coronavirus even though the US government has announced a huge amount as a fund to fight the pandemic.

Though the positive cases have reached 400,000 in the nation, the count of the recovered people is only 21,674 which is not expected from such a strong country. Talking about the deaths 1970 deaths were recorded in the US yesterday which is the highest single-day deaths worldwide.

While the US is the worst-hit nation when it comes to positive cases, Spain is the nation with the most deaths which has witnessed 14,045 deaths in the nation so far. Fatalities are being reported from every corner of the nation.

The information gathered by the Johns Hopkins University states that the positive cases across the globe have surpassed 1.43 million while 82,000 deaths were reported until date
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