What Is Prabhas Doing In Quarantine?

The whole World has become stand still. People are just sitting at home in this lockdown time. We often have our qualms about our favourites as to how they are enjoying this quarantine time?

Rebel Star Prabhas has become the Nation's favourite with 'Bahubali' franchise. Fans are eager to know updates on him through social media as to know what the star is doing in this lockdown time. Close sources to the actor say that the actor is busy doing what he likes and that is 'sleeping'.

It is evident that Prabhas is very lazy to pick his work personally so he enjoys sleeping and staying at home. The star is thus enjoying the quarantine by sleeping all the time and is busy conferencing with his star friends Anushka Shetty,Rana and others.

Prabhas is strictly concerned about health first and then the rest. He has recently finished some part of the shoot in Prabhas #20 film in Georgia. He is said to be in no worries at all about the film until the situation of this health crisis comes to normalcy!
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