According To This Media House, "Ravi" Attended Tabligh Meet!!

Some people take secularism to ridiculous levels. Call it an editorial gaffe or over enthusiastic secularist adventurism, but one prominent Telugu daily too it to funny levels. As a result, the netizens are trolling the media house to no end.

The media house was writing about a Covid 19 patient, who returned from the Markaz meet in Delhi's Nizamuddin. Since there were restrictions about revealing the identity of the Covid patient, the media house gave a pseudonym to the patient. While the patient was a Muslim, the media house gave his name as 'Ravi' and said he had gone to attend Tablighi Jamaat meeting. This made the media house a laughing stock. The netizens began trolling the media house for giving a Hindu name instead of giving a pseudonym like Rahim or Ali.

Isn't it time that media houses ensure that such silly mistakes are avoided? Isn’t it time that secularism should not go to such ridiculous extent to become apologists of minorities.
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