Miss England Picks Up A Stethoscope Amid COVID-19

Bhasha Mukherjee, a 24-year-old Kolkata-born woman who was crowned Miss England in August 2019, has decided to put a pause on her charity work and return to England, to serve as a doctor amid COVID-19 pandemic.

By profession Bhasha is a doctor, but after winning the crown, she decided to take a break from her professional career and do charity work instead.

After witnessing the painful situations across the world, she again wants to pick up a stethoscope keeping her crown aside.

Bhasha Mukherjee said she had been in India for about four weeks, but after getting messages from his colleagues in Pilgrim Hospital, England, she flew to England.

As soon as Bhasha reached the city, she was in self-isolation for about two weeks. Now, she is all set to give her services to the patients in the Pilgrim Hospital.
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