Cyberebad Police Used Drones To Find Lockdown Violators

In the wake of the positive cases increasing steadily in the country, the lockdown was imposed throughout the nation to stop the virus from spreading further as the virus is communicable. Still, people are not staying at home irking the police department.

Now the cops have come up with a brilliant way to deal with these people who are violating the lockdown rules. They are using the drone cameras to record the visuals of these violators hitting the roads instead of being at home.

The police have already taken some people into custody who are coming on to the roads based on the visuals recorded by the drone cameras. Cases were also registered on these violators.

Cyberabad police have released a video where people are running after seeing the drone camera flying. This might create fear among the violators that police will be watching them and if they come on to roads they will be booked.
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