MLA Raja Singh Violates Social Distancing Rules

Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh who often hits the headlines with his controversial statements has once again found himself in a fresh controversy after violating the social distancing rules while lighting candles following the message given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his message, PM Modi has urged the countrymen to switch off the lights and light a candle to show solidarity in fighting the pandemic. But the MLA seems to not follow the message completely as he holds a flambeau

Not only that the MLA has hit the roads along with the followers holding the flambeau and chanting 'Go Back China Virus' which kickstarted a huge controversy on how come a BJP MLA can violate the social distancing rules.

Earlier a UP woman leader found herself in a controversy after she allegedly fired gunshots in the air as a form of fighting the COVID-19 virus. After the police filed a police complaint against her she apologized.

On the other hand, Telangana Chief Minister KCR, Governor Tamilisai have followed the instructions given by honorable PM and lighted the candles for 9 minutes at their respective homes to show the solidarity in fighting the pandemic.
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