Famous Wockhardt Hospital Declared Shutdown Due To COVID-19

The situation in Maharashtra is turning out as worse from bad as the famous Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai was closed and even declared as containment zone following 30 doctors and nurses rendering services there were infected with the dreaded virus.

It is believed that the authorities did not take any safety precautions and as a result, 300 staff members were also sent to quarantine centers who came in contact with the staff members and nurses who were infected.

Going into detail, it all started when positive cases along with the suspected cases of COVID-19 were shifted to the Wockhardt hospital from the Kasturba Gandhi Hospital. While the confirmed cases were kept in special isolation wards, suspected cases were sent to general ICU wards reportedly along with the normal patients which is to be blamed for the tense situation.

With the nurses also developing the positive symptoms of the novel coronavirus the nursing association has moved the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) and filed a complaint with the commissioner and sought action against the hospital for failing to take the safety measures.
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