Will The Big Films Release Immediately After The Lockdown Is Lifted?

The theatres across the country were shut down from the past 3 weeks due to Corona outbreak and there are no new releases which is a big disappointment to the audience. But staying safe is important than anything else. Many are hoping that the lockdown will be lifted from 15 April.

But sources say that the movie buffs may not witness any big releases immediately after the reopen as there is news that the government may only allow 30% bookings in theatres to maintain physical distance from person to person. The Coronavirus injected a sense of fear among the public and they may not show any interest in rushing towards theatres immediately. This means star hero films which are made on huge budgets may require at least 6 months of theatrical run if these want to recover the investment with all these new rules.

This means there is no chance of big releases anytime soon and it is a perfect chance for small films to get a free release. But small films may not have the capacity to draw people towards theatres. Only small/medium films with strong and impressive content can yield profits. We need to wait and see how many of such content heavy films arrive in theatres when the lockdown is lifted and impress the audience.

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