Superstar's Daughter Online Classes In Lockdown

Suhana Khan, the daughter of Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is using her lock down time to her best. Wonder what she is doing! She is learning Belly Dance online. The news came as a surprise as the Tutor Sanjana Muthreja shared a glimpse of Suhana on her Instagram page.

It is evident how the Corona pandemic is creating havoc in all our lives. It is the same in Superstars lives too as they are also in the lockdown. The economy of different businesses has stumbled badly and the plans of movie stars around the World have shattered. While some stars are using the uncalled lockdown as a break some other are feeling frightened to stay indoors for a massive 21-days.

The star kids are the ones who are enjoying this period by enrolling into online classes. In this way they are preparing big for their launch in the movie world. Actresses on the other side are doing home workouts and also taking cooking lessons from their parents. At least this way they are passing the time. Suhana Khan used to stay in New York but due to the pandemic Corona, she has returned home recently.
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