Irish PM Turns As Doctor To Treat COVID-19 Patients

Coronavirus has overspread to the global countries and thousand of people have died and lakhs are tested positive.

Amid this Corona outbreak, Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has re-registered as Doctor to treat the COVID-19 patients. Before joining the politics, Leo Varadkar worked as a Doctor for more than seven years. He worked in two major hospitals in Dublin as a Jr. Doctor. In 2013 he entered the politics, with this, his name was removed from the medical register of the country.

After all these years, by seeing the tragic situations in the country, Leo Varadkar has again decided to wear a white coat.

As a part of it, he assured the health services in the country that he will be working as Doctor for one shift in a week. On the other side, with the call from the government, nearly 70,000 former Doctors, health workers and other professions have came forward to treat the COVID-19 patients.

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