Centre to Impose Another Lockdown?

Following the 21-day nationwide lockdown imposed in India so many speculations and doubts have raised on whether the lockdown will be lifted or it will be continued as the positive cases of COVID-19 were being increased.

Following this, it has been reported that Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Home Minister Amit Shah chaired a meeting with 16 Ministers on the possibilities of continuing the lockdown.

If we have to take anything from the close circles, it is believed that the Centre is planning to impose a second lockdown from May after lifting the existing lockdown on April 14 at midnight.

In the second lockdown too, expect Kirana shops and shops that sell the essential good along with medical shops everything will be shut down like restaurants, food courts, will be closed as they have the potential to spread the virus.

The close circles state that the second lockdown will take place if the situation continues to be scary with the rise of the positive cases and it is believed that work from option for the employees will continue.
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