Breaking News: 26 New Positive Cases in AP

The Positive cases of the Coronavirus are constantly increasing in the state of Andhra Pradesh. After hearing a shocking news that 34 news cases are registered by morning 9 am, now another breaking news is that 26 more new cases are registered in the state by evening 5 pm.

These 26 new cases are found all alone in the Kurnool district. After adding these 26 cases, now the positive cases in the AP has risen to 252 in number.

So far, 53 cases are registered in the Kurnool district, 34 in Nellore district, 30 in Guntur district, 28 in Krishna district, 23 in Kadapa district, and 23 in Prakasam district.

The officials claim that the count may be increased as many test reports are yet to be received.

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