Has Medicine Been Found To Control Corona?

Corona, without doubt, is the biggest global threat, that is not threatening to decimate the humanity, but also is leaving them thoroughly terrorised and deeply traumatised. It is threatening to wipe out communities and making the whole governments crawl on their knees. But, here's some ray of hope.

Australian scientists are now claiming that a a well-known medicine used to kill parasites and helminths in human body could be the magical medicine to contain Corona. The Australian experiments showed that the intensity of the viral attack has come down in 24 hours and within 48 hours, it has completely killed the virus. The scientists have stated that Ivermectin, a drug used in the HIV, dengue, influenza and Zica virus treatment, has proved effective in containing Corona.

The lab trials have been quite encouraging. However, clinical trials on humans need to be performed to fully understand the action of the drug.
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