Dear MPs, Stop Theatrics, Donate From Your Pockets!!

What is a donation or charity? It the amount that one gives from among his hard-earned income or something that he gives from his savings. How can allocating the MP Lad funds be considered a donation or charity? These funds are given to the MPs to spend on the development of their local area.

Instead of spending the huge amounts allocated to them for the development of the fund, these MPs have kept the amounts in the treasuries for such a long time. That itself is a huge crime. Now, they are diverting this unspent money to the PM Cares to fight the Corona. In accountancy terms, It is a mere changing of the heads of spending and nothing more.  A simple fund diversion is being touted as a gift or a donation. Interestingly, not a single penny is coming from their personal pockets. Interestingly, while most film stars and sports celebrities are giving from their hard-earned incomes and savings, the politicians are trying to get publicity by diverting the constituency development funds to PM Cares.

Isn't it about time they shun this futile exercise and stop claiming media space? Shouldn't they donated from their pockets and not change the amount from one account to another? When will our MPs and MLAs learn to really work for the people and stop putting up theatrics?

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