Why Is Vijay Not Donating Money?

Vijay Devarakonda is one of the young heroes in Tollywood who achieved star status within a very short time. He has immense craze among youth and whatever he does becomes a trend nowadays. Heroes like Vijay are the greatest influencers and youngsters tend to follow whatever he does.

At this time of Corona crisis, Vijay Devarakonda could have been all over the news and internet if he donated money to the relief fund and urge people to contribute too. But he just limited himself to giving statements. There is no news about his donating money to the government. He did not even contribute to Corona Crisis Charity (CCC) which was established to help the cine workers who lost their daily wages due to the lock down.

While every hero starting from Mahesh Babu to Nithiin contributed, it was Vijay whose name wasn't even heard in the list of contributors. We don't know if he made a secret donation to the government or not but his silence his giving scope to so many rumors.
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