Lockdown Results In The Rise Of Domestic Violence Worldwide

Many nations across the world have called for a lock down following the deadly outbreak of novel corona virus as a measure to see that the virus is not spread so that many lives can be saved.
With people confined to their homes following the lock down, women and children are being subjected to domestic violence from the abusers in many nations across the globe ringing the danger bells.

The increased threat to women and children was a predictable side effect of the corona virus lockdowns, said, activists. Increased abuse is a pattern repeated in many emergencies, whether conflict, economic crisis or during disease outbreaks, although the quarantine rules pose a particularly grave challenge.

It has been reported that in Hubei province the domestic violence cases were increased at once from 47 to 162 in the last three weeks which is quite scary.

In Italy, activists said calls to helplines had dropped sharply, but instead they were receiving desperate text messages and emails. It looks like Italy tops in both domestic abuse and positive cases.

Spain also witnessed a sudden rise in domestic violence but women there are fearing to file complaints as they fear that they will be booked for violating the lock down rules.

Going by the media reports the domestic violence cases were high in the US also and the activists are citing that the count has reached an alarming level.
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