An Elderly Couple Recovered From COVID-19

Ever since the deadly outbreak of novel coronavirus many doctors and experts were in the opinion that old people and children are vulnerable to the fatal disease and chances for them to recover are very thin.

Proving them wrong an old couple from God's own country Kerala have successfully recovered by leaving everyone in a deep shock. They are the oldest couple in the country to recover from the disease as per some media reports.

Going into details, 93-year-old Thomas and his 86-year-old wife Mariamma have recovered from the disease after undergoing the treatment for 23 at the Government Medical College Hospital.

"It was extremely challenging for us to take care of the elderly couple as they were suffering from cardiac, diabetes, and hypertension along with age-related disorders. We strived hard to keep them active at times, even though they insisted on clinging to their home routine. We, however, managed to overcome all those challenges through a team approach," Resident Medical Officer of the Medical College said.

The positive cases in the state have reached 295 while 41 out of them have recovered and two deaths were reported in the state so far.
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