Pawan Sentiment Worrying This Telugu Beauty!

Being a part of a Pawan Kalyan film is what so many people dream of. But there is a sentiment that he is unlucky for debutant or upcoming heroines. Kriti Kharbanda in 'Teenmaar' and Nikisha Patel in 'Komaram Puli' stand as the biggest examples.

Many star heroines worked with Pawan and scored hits but it is quite the opposite for rising heroines. Anu Emannuel scored a disaster with him through 'Agnyathavaasi'. The real problem is, Pawan's films either become blockbusters or disasters. If the second scenario becomes true then the heroine's career is definitely in jeopardy. In the recent times only Shruti Hassan was able to score a hit with Pawan Kalyan in the form of 'Gabbar Singh' and became a star heroine.

The same talk is being heard about a Telugu girl now. Poojitha Ponnada who acted in a couple of small films impressed many with her good looks and talent. There are a few who believe that she has what it takes to make it big in Tollywood. Despite a small role, she became very famous through 'Rangasthalam'. She acted in solo heroine films too. News is that she is going to dance for a special song in Pawan Kalyan's 27th film directed by Krish. Sources say that it is already picturized. It is still to be known whether she has any scenes in the film or not. People are now curious to know whether Pawan will boost her career or turn into a bane.   
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