Italian Rugby Player Turns Ambulance Driver For COVID-19 Fight

Whenever any pandemic or natural calamity occurs, sportspersons donate some money and arranges some essential goods but they barely do any help directly. But Italian Italian rugby union player Maxime Mbanda is surely not one of them.

Following the deadly outbreak of the dreaded virus, the Rugby player has taken the opportunity to offer his help in this frightening situation. He is supporting the healthcare system by offering the grueling shifts as an ambulance driver.

The Italian rugby star Maxime Mbanda is working 13-hour shifts as an ambulance driver to help the fight against coronavirus which is quite impressive.

Italy has turned out to be one of the worst-hit nations by the COVID-19 outbreak as the total cases in the country has reached one lakh with reporting more than 13,000 deaths so far.

"When everything was cancelled in rugby, I wondered how I could help, even without medical expertise. I started eight days ago, without a day's break and with shifts of 12 or 13 hours. But faced with what I see in the infectious disease rooms, I tell myself that I can't be tired," he said about his voluntary service.
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