AP Reports First COVID-19 Death

In what it could be a shocker, Andhra Pradesh recorded its first-ever death of COVID-19. The sad incident took place in Vijayawada where a 55-year old man succumbed to COVID-19.

Going into details, he was admitted to hospital on March 30 after he suffered from Hypertension Diabetes. He came into contact with his son who has a travel history to national capital Delhi and returned to Andhra Pradesh on March 17.

Sheik Subhani(55) who hails from Vijayawada was admitted to the General Hospital in Vijayawada breathed his last breath on March 30 in just one hour of being admitted to the hospital.

He came into contact with 29 people and all of them have been sent to quarantine. 161 positive cases of the COVID-19 were reported in Andhra Pradesh so far.
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