Ramayana Wins TRP Battle

The Prasar Bharti's gamble of bringing back mythologials Ramayana and Mahabharata seems to be paying off. Both the serials, especially Ramayana, have proved to be big hits.

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana was brought back to entertain the people during the 21-day lockdown. There were many sceptics who felt that the serial telecast almost four decades ago, will not be able to sway the audience. But, the sceptics were proved wrong as the Ramayana has got the best ratings in its class as per the latest BARC ratings. What more? It has got the highest TRPs for a general entertainment after 2015.  The response to Ramayana, is very enthusiastic, especially for those in the 50 and above age group and those in the less than 15 group.

Ramayana, by Ramanand Sagar, was a runaway hit during the early 1980s. Together with Mahabharat, it ruled the small screen for almost two years. Modi's gamble of bringing it back has been rewarded handsomely.
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