CPI Wakes Up Suddenly, Slams "Social Distancing"

It is not for nothing that the CPI is being blamed for being outdated. Almost a month after the word "social distancing" became hugely popular across the world, the AP unit of the CPI has realised that the word is castiest. It feels the word should immediately be replaced by physical distancing instead.

CPI state secretary Ramakrishna says that the word social distancing reminds one of the caste discrimination and thus should be removed. Interestingly, the only Left-ruled state in the country – Kerala – too is using social distancing. Almost after a month of using this word, Ramakrishna suddenly realises that the word reminds one of caste discrimination that belittles the people of the so called lower communities. He also demanded that the word be replaced by Physical Discrimination. He issued a statement on Thursday to this effect.

Interestingly, the world social distancing has already entered the popular usage and has become a very common word. A bit too late, comrade?
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