Odisha pays 4 Months Salary to all Govt Employees

While Corona is scaring everyone and state after state is now in the grip of the viral attack, there is one state in the country that has managed to control Corona very effectively. That state is Odisha. Though the first case was discovered on March 16, the state government has conducted massive awareness campaign across the state. All the MLAs were sensitised about Corona. By March 13 itself, that is three days before the first case, Odisha chief minister Navin Patnaik had a detailed action plan ready in the state.

Massive screening has been taken up across the state and every suspect and all those who came in contact with them have been screened. Due to this screening, quite a few cases were detected and they were effectively quarantined. As a result, the state has managed to contain the spread of the virus. Due to which the number of cases is very limited. Every foreigner, who entered Odisha was made to mandatorily register himself and periodically report his movements in a social media portal, especially devised by the State Government. This has ensured that the possible carriers were easily identified and quarantined. As many as 4000 such foreigners had reported to the social media portal and were effectively monitored.

One interesting thing to be noted is that the Odisha government had paid salary advances for the coming four months to all the government employees as a result of which the employees did not suffer any anxiety over salaries. This is quite a departure from neighbouring AP and Telangana, which have actually cut the salaries.

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