These Two Moves Brought Tabligh on Its knees

The Union Government is swiftly moving to pin down Tagligh-i-Jamaat, which is now being seen as the super spreader of the Corona virus. The Home Ministry has quickly blacklisted all the 900 foreign Tablighis, who came on tourist visas, but were involved in religious preaching. Now they would be deported to their countries and would never be given visas to come to India.

Secondly, the Enforcement Directorate has begun probe into the financial sources of the Tabligh-i-Jamaat. The accounts, the spending and the fund sources will now come under the scanner and the Tabligh officials will be made to explain any discrepancies. Immediately after these moves, Tabligh chief Moulana Saad Kandhlavi began singing a different tone. Gone was his belligerent and non-cooperative tone. He has now released a video asking his followers to cooperate with the government. He said he himself was under self-quarantine and asked the followers to quarantine themselves too.

The  Modi government is said to be very determined to ensure that fundamentalist forces do not put a spanner in the Corona control measures. It wants to ensure that the Muslim localities too follow the lockdown norms sincerely and stop attacking the medical and the security staff on inspection.
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