Despite Lockdown, Banks Force Staff To Meet Business Targets

The whole country might be under a Lockdown and the people are confined to their homes for over a month. Yet, the banks, it appears, are continuing to impose targets for sales and marketing to their personnel. Everyone knows how difficult achieving these targets is as everyone is under lockdown and nobody would take any key financial decision at this stage.

Yet, the private banks are setting targets for their sales and marketing employees and are holding video conferences every day. If sources are to be believed, three banks have set Rs 3 crore per month targets for their employees. While this is impossible in view of the corona scare, the officials are already flogging their staff. With no one coming to the banks and everyone confined to their homes, how can we achieve the targets, asked some bank employees. The worst part is that these targets are linked to promotions. As a result, many bank staff members are calling up the people they know and are asking them to buy insurance linked saving policies.

Given the situation, these targets are impossible to achieve. But, there seems to be no respite for the employees, especially those of the marketing and sales wings. They cannot even oppose it as they know very well that the boss is always right.
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