Puri Pens Script For Balayya?

The Tollywood Director Puri Jagannadh is currently busy with Vijay Deverakonda's film. In this Corona lockdown time, he is sharing some 'gyan' to all his fans on social media. People close to this director confirmed that this maverick director is now penning a script for a mass hero.

It is evident that Puri is the fastest script writer in Tollywood. All his major hits were written within a week time and won the Box Office. He is now using the lockdown time to prepare a script for Balayya. They have previously collaborated for the film 'Paisa Vasool'. The movie didn't reach the expectations but presented Balayya in a different level. Impressed by the fast filming and discipline of Puri, Balayya offered him a film but that didn't materialize then.

Balayya is expecting to make films on a fast pace and is lining up directors, Now Puri is also in the pipeline if he impresses Balayya with his script. Hope the combo returns to treat fans big this time!
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