Publicity Angle In These Donations!

Film stars thrive on publicity and they can use anything to fulfill their purpose. As we know, the Corona outbreak has turned the entire world upside down and our Telugu states are no exception. During natural calamities and such crisis situations, our stars genuinely come forward to help people but people started questioning them about donations even before they came forward. They have urged celebrities to help the people in need and prove their social responsibility. There are some celebrities who gave donations with pure heart while there are a few who found a new angle in these contributions.

Few heroes have donated due to the immense pressure from the public. There is a star hero who gave a huge amount to the relief fund. When spoke to his close people about this donation, they laughed and said that this gives the hero a huge publicity. This explains that some are giving donations to grow their image and increase their brand value. People are getting shocked to hear about this.

People get the same publicity in media even if he donates in crores or in lakhs. The public cares about coming forward but not the money given and that is what some of the stars are using to their full benefit.
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