83.5 Per Cent Indians Back Modi's Fight Against Corona

Corona has its side effects too. Some of it is bringing glad tidings for Narendra Modi. On the whole, the Indians are extremely happy with his work in Corona control. The people are not just putting up with all the troubles and travails of a three-week-long lockdown, but are also backing Modi to the hit.

A survey conducted by IANS C Voter gallop international association's latest survey Covid 19 Wave 2 has shown that 83.5 per cent of Indians are fully backing Modi. They are expressing confidence that with Modi around, India would be able to fight off Corona effectively.

The survey was conducted throough computer assisted telephonic interview for the past seven days. The sample included only those above 18 years of age. A staggering 83.5 per cent of the people have said that Modi was doing very well and backed his idea of a lockdown to contain corona. Of these, 66.4 per cent have strongly supported Modi. Another 17.1 per cent of the respondents said that Modi was OK. As many as 9.4 per cent of the respondents have disagreed with Modi and felt that Lockdown was a bad idea.
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