will The Lockdown Be Extended Beyond April 15?

Will the Central Government extend the lockdown beyond April 15? This is the question tormenting most people in the country. Despite the Central Government categorically stating that that there would be no extension of lockdown beyond April 15, there are lingering doubts about it being extended further.

The reason for this that though the government had said that there would be no extension, Central Cabinet Secretary Rajeev Gauba has later said that a decision could be taken on the basis of the situation existing at that time. Many are wondering as to why the EMI moratorium is given for three months when the lockdown is meant to be for just 21 days. A three-month moratorium would only mean that the Government might extend the lockdown period.  Also, the Government has said that the citizens need not pay their power bills for three months. Why should the waiver be given for three months when the lockdown is for 21 days? Does it mean that the Government has announced a 21-day lockdown only to assuage the fears among the people? Will it later extend the lockdown period later?

It is because of these questions that there are lingering doubts in the minds of the people about a possible extension of the lockdown after April15.
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