One More Disappeared Doctor Who Warned About The Virus

While we all are familiar with the sad episode of Dr. Li Weniang, popularly known as the whistle blower of the Covid-19 who first warned about the virus was reprimanded for doing so and breathed his last breath while treating the Covid-19 patients.

After Li, Ai Fen, director of the emergency at Wuhan Central hospital who has earlier criticized the authorities for their handling of the pandemic has disappeared raised many questions.

She was the first person to raise the alarm over the virus. Her whereabouts remain unknown. She had alerted her superiors and colleagues of a SARS-like virus seen in patients in December, however, she was reprimanded.

"If I had known what was to happen, I would not have cared about the reprimand. I would have fucking talked about it to whoever, where ever I could," she said in an old interview.

"We watched more and more patients come in as the radius of the spread of infection became larger," Ai Fen added speaking about the virus.
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