First Covid-19 Recovered Patient Talks About Quarantine Home

So much is happening in connection with the Corona virus which was later dubbed as Covid-19 by the WHO be it tracing the positive patients who were not willing to admit their symptoms and staying in the quarantine homes.

Amid such speculations, Rohit Dutta, a 45-year-old patient who is the first Covid-19 patient in Delhi that was completely recovered from the deadly virus has given an interview to describe how will it be staying at the quarantine homes.

"It was unbelievable. The isolation ward at Safdarjung hospital was not what I imagined a government hospital ward to be. It was no less than a luxury hotel. The staff also maintained a high level of hygiene – cleaning all surfaces and changing linens twice a day," Rohit Dutta said.

"When I first tested positive, I was scared. It is a new disease and I thought I might die. But the doctors came in and they explained that I had mild symptoms – just a cough and fever – and was likely to recover," he said talking about how it feels at the quarantine home.

"The health minister called me and wished me on Holi. He asked how I was feeling, whether I had any problems, whether I liked the food at the hospital. He said that he and the PM were personally monitoring the condition of all the Covid-19 patients. Imagine the health minister of the country calling! I am a common man," he added.
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