Covid-19 Patient's Last Rites Performed Without Family Members

Ever since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 many heartbreaking incidents happened that left everyone. Earlier an old age person who was in a quarantine center couldn't make it to the engagement of his granddaughter.

Following this, his granddaughter came to the quarantine center and showed her engagement ring to him by placing her hand on the window of his room to tell him the happy news.

One such heartbreaking incident happened but on a sad note where a 74-year-old man died due to the deadly virus in Hyderabad and the last rites of his happened without the presence of his family members.

Fearing that the virus can be transmitted concerned officers have ordered the family members of the patient to not attend the rites and they were informed about the riots.

Post cremation, his dead body was shifted to the graveyard in an ambulance and the place where the body was buried was sanitized before burying the body. The medical officers have made sure that the virus is not spread further.
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