25 People Living In A Congested House Test Positive For Covid-19

In what it could be a shocker, 25 people living in a congested house in the Sangli area of Maharashtra tested positive for the deadly Covid-19 virus. It is believed that the virus got spread rapidly as they all stay together.

Going into details, four members out of the 25 patients who recently returned to India from Saudi Arabia tested positive for the virus on March 23th and the remaining 21 members have contracted the infection within just a week. All the 25 people hail from the same family reportedly.

However, the officials said that this is not 'community transmission' and the patients have been exposed to the virus.

"These 25 patients from Islampur tehsil belong to a big family living in a congested housing set up and because of that, they got infected," Collector Abhijeet Chaudhari said.

"If a coronavirus positive person coughs in the house, his droplets spread on objects in the room. The common objects are handled by everyone in the house and this is the way the virus spreads," he added.

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