Cops To Use CCTV Footage To Alert Lockdown Violators

Despite the hundred ways the police are employing to curb movement of people and vehicles on the roads to contain Corona virus, the people are devising thousand ways to circumvent them. While the Government has restricted the movements to within three km of the residence, the people are taking to the lanes and bylanes to travel long distances.

To rein in this, the police are now using the CCTV footage to identify those who are violating the lockdown rules. The police are now making small changes to the CCTV camera software to send an alert if any vehicle travels more than three km. These alerts reach the Command Control Station. The police identify the vehicle and warn the owners of serious action.

Meanwhile, the police have also started issuing challans on the traffic violators in a big way. Now they are also planning to seize the vehicles if they are found to be violating the lockdown restrictions.  The seizures will start from Monday. The police hope that once the seizures are done, the vehicle owners would see reason and desist from hitting the roads despite the lockdown.

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