America readies up for battle against Corona

Realising that Corona threat is far too serious than initially expected, the US is now getting battle ready. Efforts are on to launch a painfully long fight against the spread of the debilitating Corona virus. America has of late emerged as the epicentre of the Corona virus and new cases are being reported at alarming pace.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump has announced that America was gearing up for the battle against the virus. He said the country has readied up 11.6 million N 95 respirators, 26 million surgical masks and 5.2 million face shields. The country has also readied 4.2 million gloves and 8000 ventillators.  Trump said that the US would defeat Corona virus and the win the war for saving human lives.

Trump has now realised that mere blaming of China for spreading the virus is not going to cut much ice. Concrete measures need to be put in place to control the virus and proper quarantine measures need to be adopted to prevent the spread.
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