Andrea's Bold Comments About Her Relation With Anirudh!

Talented singer and actress Andrea Jeremiah was in news a few years back during the time of 'Suchi Leaks' saga. A few pictures of Andrea intimately kissing young music sensation Anirudh Ravichander went viral and they became a hot topic.

Speaking about them, Andrea daringly agreed that she and Anirudh were in a relationship at that time and it is normal for a couple to have an intimate moment. She said that it is sad that their private pictures got out. Andrea added that Anirudh immediately apologized to her and explained that he has nothing to do with the pictures coming out. She even said that she is still a good friend to Anirudh.

Andrea proved her mettle as an actress with films like 'Vada Chennai' and 'Detective'. She even did an important role in Vijay's upcoming film 'Master'. After 'Thadaka', Andrea did not do a straight Telugu film.

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