This Is What RGV Tells Rajamouli About RRR

Everyone is familiar on how RGV aka Ram Gopal Varma is active on Twitter. He will be the one to raise a question and spread sarcasm on how serious the situation may be.  It is evident that he has already posted so many sarcastic tweets on COVID-19.

RGV has appreciated Rajamouli's efforts in bringing out the motion poster of his upcoming film 'RRR'. RGV tweeted saying 'Not all is lost in life...if there are horrible things like COVID-19 there are great things like RRR too.

He later tweeted to Rajamouli saying-In the times of constant depressing news, thank u very much for reminding us to look forward to upcoming better things in life and attached the you tube link of the motion poster.

The tweets are so positive that Rajamouli is the only one director who gets RGV's tweets in his favour and others just the mockery. Wonder how RGV responds to the Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Twitter entry!
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