Power Star To Work From Home For Vakeel Saab

Power star Pawan Kalyan who is busy ferrying the two boats-Politics and rnFilms is ever busy as always. It is evident that the star has re-enteredrn the filmdom to make money for his political campaigns and to build rnresources. The re-entry movie is titled 'Vakeel Saab' and was scheduled rnto hit the screens on May 15 this year which is now in doubt with the rnCorona outbreak.

To use the quarantine time best, Sources say rnthat the actor-politician has asked for a setup from the production rnhouse so that he would dub for his portions of the film. In this way he rnwant to contribute to the fast proceedings of the post production. On rnthe other side film lovers are praying god to stop the pandemic unable rnto bear the boredom in quarantine.

'Vakeel Saab' stars Shruti rnHaasan as Pawan's love interest in the film. The movie is an official rnremake of the Bollywood hit 'Pink'. The movie is produced by Dil Raju rnand is directed by 'MCA' fame Venu Sriram.
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