Deadly Covid-19 Spreads Its Wings In Telangana

Despite the safety measures and precautions taken by the government, the positive cases in Telangana are growing day by day creating much panic in the public of the state.

In what it could be a shocker, three fresh positive cases were reported in Telangana. A shocking twist in the case comes with two patients out of three who are a couple that to are doctors.

Interestingly, the third positive person tested positive for the virus does not have any travel history of foreign countries. It is believed that the person developed positive symptoms of the virus from a foreign returned person.

With the three fresh cases, the toll of the positive cases of the Covid-19 pandemic has reached 44 in Telangana. The doctor couple was infected with the virus via primary contact with a patient.

The third positive case has a travel history of Delhi who was returned from the national capital recently. Along with the positive cases, the cases of the primary contact in the state are also on a rise ringing danger bells.

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