Astrologers Predict Bright Year For KCR

Suddenly, KCR is gaining popularity and is winning accolades for his work on Corona front. Till a few months, despite his massive victories, opposition was building up against him in Telangana. Many people felt that the state was surely slipping in chaos. But, Corona has changed all of that.

KCR's firm handling of the situation once the Centre has given a call for Janata Curfew won him several fans. The way he supported Modi and his plans for the Lockdown has suddenly brought a groundswell in his support. His articulate communications and determined approach has ensured that the lockdown is successful. KCR's image has gone up because of this. But, ask astrologers! They say KCR's stars are on the ascendant and his “Rashi Chakram” is very auspicious. They say the astrological king for 2020 is Budha and this will favour those in power. According to the Telugu almanac, his rashi is Karkatakam (cancer) and this year would be very favourable for him. The astrologers say that this year would prove very happy for him and everything he does will be successful.

Another interesting observation of the astrologers is that there will be greater cooperation between the State Government and the Central Government. This only means that there will be better friendship between KCR and Modi. So, Corona will bring these two leaders together!! Will the astrologers' prediction come true or not? Let's wait and see.
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