Obesity Risk Rises Due to Corona Lockdown

One major problem because of the nation-wide Lockdown to fight off Corona virus is that people have suddenly become sedentary and this is going to continue for at least coming three weeks. The elders, youth and children are now confined to their chairs and beds all through the day and night. There is little physical activity for them.

More worrisome is the fact that the children and the youth are glued to the mobile phones and laptops all through the day. They are fast turning them into couch potatoes. "The total number of steps that an individual is taking in a day is less than 100 steps. A person normally has to walk for at least 6 km. But, now due to lockdown, that is not possible," says an experienced medical professional. He suggests that people should get down at least once in a hour and walk a few paces. If there are stairs, one can climb up and down for a few times to keep fit, he says.

Doctors suggest that people should do some pranayama at least twice. They may also perform yoga or surya namaskar at least once time in the day to keep themselves fit. It is also good to avoid spicy and food with high lipid content, the doctors say. Keeping oneself fit is important in such times, they say.
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