Train and Bus Collided in Pakistan Leaving 20 People Dead

In a horrifying incident, a speeding train and a passenger bus collided resulted in the deaths of at least 20 people and some other injured at the Rohri railway station at the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Going into details the accident took place at the Kandhra railway crossing near the Rohri railway station when the 45 Up Pakistan Express train that was heading towards Karachi from Rawalpindi collided with a passenger bus.

Taking about the sad incident Sukkur Commissioner Shafiq Ahmed Mahesar said that in the incident around 20 people had died and added that the count of casualties might increase as the condition of the injured was critical.

"We have shifted at least 60 injured people to hospitals in Rohri and Sukkur," he said.

"It was a horrible accident. So strong was the impact of the train hitting the bus that it was split into three parts," he maintained.

"It is a huge tragedy and all administration and police officials are rushing to the site. It was an unmanned railway crossing and unfortunately, the driver of the bus took a risk by trying to cross it when the train was coming in full speed," he added.
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