Former CJI Balakrishnan Responds To Muralidhar’s Transfer

Former Chief Justice of India Justice KG Balakrishnan has responded over the transfer of the Delhi High Court Judge S Muralidhar to the Punjab and Haryana High Court which drew a lot of attention and criticism over the timing of the transfer.

He said that the government should have been a "little careful" at the time of issuing the “midnight” transfer orders.

"I don’t know on what date the transfer issue came up before the collegium,” he said.

He said that the transfer of Justice Muralidhar has nothing to do with the observations he has made when he heard the Delhi violence case.

"When the situation in the country is so volatile and media and others are active the government should have been little careful while issuing such midnight transfer order as there are chances of people thinking otherwise. The people could interpret differently," Justice Balakrishnan said.

He went on to say that Justice Muralidhar did not take up the Delhi violence case on his own and added that as the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court D N Patel was on leave and Muralidhar is the third senior judge he has to head the particular bench that heard the case.
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