Police Deployed In Huge Numbers Outside Chiranjeevi's Residence

The Amaravati JAC which is not happy with Megastar Chiranjeevi backing the government's decision to have three capitals has announced that they will protest outside the residence of the actor demanding that he should support their demand to continue Amaravati as the state capital.

Amid huge confusion on these protests, the police were deployed in huge numbers at Chiranjeevi's house. It has been widely reported that the caste issue was been brought into these protests.


Earlier the JAC has announced that a protest will be staged in front of Chiranjeevi's residence today from morning 10:a.m. to evening 5:00 p.m. They took to social media to announce the same they even mentioned that they want Chiranbjeevi to back their decision and nothing more.

With so much confusion on this issue, the JAC said that they will not stage any protests. However, the Police were deployed in huge numbers at the actor's house and the traffic near his house was also diverted.

This is not the first time JAC targeting Telugu stars. Earlier they also asked Maheshababu and other top heroes to support them.
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