Politicians New PR Strategy

Is this the new PR strategy of CMs? Is there a method in this PR strategy? The other day, while on a tour of Kaleshwaram, KCR found out an old classmate of his from the waiting crowd and called him out himself. He huggled the old friend and enquired about him. The Krishna-Kuchela sentiment, where the high and mighty recognises his ordinary friend and fetes him, has drama, emotion and sentiment. Soon, Chandrababu picked up from KCR and visited his classmate in Kuppam. There were photo-ops and the usual drama. But, unemotional and cold Chandrababu could not match KCR's histrionics.  Then, KCR matched it up with the drama of seeing a handicapped Muslim person near Tolichowki and accepting memorandum from him. He then directed the officials to address his issues.

Is Jagan also picking up cue from all these. The other day, he found a displaced person from Polavaram from among the crowd and accepted his petition. He stopped the convoy and met the man himself. While they make good optics and could get them some publicity, too much of the same medicine could even prove counter productive. Politicians, beware.
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