Death Toll of The Delhi Riots Reaches 38

The Controversial CAA has resulted in communal violence in the northeast part of Delhi resulting in deaths of 38 people. As both anti and pro CAA protests intensifying day by day, the situation has turned from bad to worse.

The communal riots that took place in North East Delhi lead to the deaths of at least 38 people. This resulted in the blame game as the political parties and the protesters holding each other responsible for these communal clashes.

In these clashes, stones were pelted, petrol cans were hurled, shops and homes were burnt down. In some parts of Delhi, rioters have killed some people with guns and knives.

In what it could be a shocker, Intelligence Bureau staffer Ankit Sharma was brutally stabbed to death during the violence in northeast Delhi, and his body was dumped in a nearby drain. The postmortem reports state that he was brutally stabbed for death.

The autopsy report states: "Multiple abrasion.. deep cut.. by sharp edge objects."The doctors said that they have never seen this sort of brutality before.

With Tahir Hussain, councilor of AAP facing allegations of involvement in the death case of IB staffer Ankit Sharma, Kejriwal has suspended him from the party.

“Why are you asking for remarks?... Is this how we will run our criminal justice system? Whoever has incited violence, there should be strictest action. No one, be it they belong to BJP, AAP and Congress, should be spared. If my minister is involved in violence, take strict action...If anyone from AAP is found guilty, double punishment should be given,” Kejriwal said on these riots.
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