Jagan Ordered Ministers To be At Secretariat on Every Wednesday

AP CM Jagan who emerged victorious in the 2019 General Elections has introduced many historic and groundbreaking schemes and programs has shifted his focus on to the Administration side to serve the public even better as a toke to show his gratitude to them.

To make this happen Jagan has ordered the Ministers to be available every Wednesday so that they can address the public grievances. As many people visit secretariat to convey their problems Jagan made it clear to the Ministers that to be at the secretariat so that the people will not face any issues.

While Jagan had earlier ordered the Ministers to be available at the secretariat on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it was confined only for Wednesdays as the Ministers will have a busy schedule with implementing the government schemes.

Keeping in mind all these practicality problems the AP government has issued orders in this regard so that the Ministers can address the public grievances.
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