Why Every MLA is Rushing Towards Harish Rao?

Every TRS MLA is now rushing towards Finance Minister Harish Rao. They are requesting him to release constituency development funds. Why? They want to use these funds to take up works that they promised to the voters in the run-up to the elections.

It has been more than a year-and-a-half that these MLAs have been elected. During the campaign, they made several promises to the voters. They promised roads, CCTV facilities, drainage and water supply lines  etc to the voters. Now the pressure is mounting on them to take up these works. The MLAs can take up these works only if the constituency development funds are released to them. Many of the works that are already taken up are lying pending due to fund crunch. "We have had a slew of elections starting from assembly elections down to cooperative elections. We have made promises galore. We need money to take up these works," said an MLA from South Telangana.

In its first term, the TRS government gave Rs 3 crore per MLA per constituency per year to take up developmental works. After winning a second term, the TRS boss has stopped the constituency development fund and this has hit the winning MLAs very hard. They now want this system to be reactivated.
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